I'm a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events. I also run training programs and workshops. The topics I present about are:

  • Storify Your Business - Clarify your message to make more meaningful connections with your target audience.
  • Business to Human (B2H) - A new framework to leverage technology to make real human connections in a hyper-connected world of individuals.
  • The Techno-Human Future - A perspective on the 4 mega trends that will transform the way we live and work.
  • Prospect > Client > Fan - Strategies and systems to find the right prospects for your business, convert them into clients and build an army of fans that refer more business to you.

Speaker biography


Baldwin is the founder of BD-Insider,  a company that provides advisory services and training programs to help businesses and professionals clarify their message and design effective business development strategies that get results in an increasingly distracting world of information overload.

Baldwin is also a founding partner of Silk Invest and Frontera, both businesses with a specialist focus on investing in and developing entrepreneurial opportunities in frontier and emerging markets.

BUSINESS TO HUMAN - Why it matters to leverage technology to make real human connections in a virtual world.

STORYTELLING FOR BUSINESS - Keynote at the Middle East Family Office Summit in Dubai

I recently had the privilege of talking about how to use the power of storytelling at the Middle East Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai. Here is a recording of the 20-minute talk...

BUSINESS TO HUMAN - Keynote at the Clearstream Fund Summit in Luxembourg

In this 25-minute workshop, you will discover how to apply storytelling secrets from the movie business to get your message out and attract more business. Tell better business stories that will attract more clients? Get the FREE training on: http://www.bd-insider.com/

This 24-minute talk is all about how today's technology allows us to create stronger human relationships with our clients. After all, in an increasingly virtual world, the winners are those who can leverage technology to create amazing human experiences.

The 4 mega trends will transform the way we do business in the next 5 years?

The techno-human future at 'The Great HR Mutation, ICT Spring 2016'

How technology can help us build stronger relationships than ever before

B2H Keynote at Digital Investor. How finance can leverage technology to build better human relationships. 


“Baldwin’s presentation about our future society and a digital business transformation was not only an eye- opener for the complete audience, his enthusiasm and concrete examples showed clearly that transformation is not a threat but a great opportunity for all our employees.”
— Walter De Groof, Chief Digital Officer, Computer Profile Group
“Baldwin’s session turned our thinking about our clients and how we best serve them completely upside down. It has enabled us to focus first and foremost on the inter-personal and human interactions rather than the tasks or services we offer them, thereby ensuring a more meaningful and genuine development of client relationships. Within 24h of our session with Baldwin, our team was busy putting all we had learned into practice!”
— Liesbet Peeters, Managing Partner D. Capital Partners
“I’ve watched a multitude of presentations by specialists providing services to polish professional energy and flow. Zero doubt the tips Baldwin shares are some of best I’ve ever heard; clear, targeted, considerable value.”
— Sherrie (Kastner) Palm, Founder/CEO/Executive Director Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS), Patient Advocate, Author, Speaker

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