by Baldwin Berges    - I found some great insights about the trends that will shape marketing in financial services in 2013. This perspective comes from Kristen Luke, who knows a lot about marketing for financial advisers. I have been following her for some time now. She is the CEO of Wealth Management Marketing, a US-Based company that offers a full spectrum of marketing services for independent financial advisers

Kristen Luke

We say this all the time, but the investment industry is notoriously slow at adopting the use of social media. When you think about the fact that investors are online, using smart phones and  tablets, you just keep wondering why our industry is so slow at switching on these channels.

Maybe 2013 will be the year in which all this will change. To find out why, you should take a moment to read this article.

Here's a summary of what Kristen thinks will happen (there's a link to the full article below):

Mobile-Friendly  - By 2015, more Americans will access the Internet through mobile devices than through PCs. Does your business look good on a tablet or a smart phone?

Video - Video accounts for more than 50% of Internet traffic and this number is only expected to increase in the future. Are you ready to produce videos and make a great impression by using them?

Personalization -  Away with the stock photos. People want to see who you really are. Investing is all about trust so investors are going want to see what is on the inside. Its also about being more personable by adapting to to individual users, just as you would do in personal interactions.

TED-Style Presentations - Shrinking attention span has changed the way in which we consume information. Presentations need to be shorter, sharper and more inspiring - just like TED presentations,

Social SEO - Search engines are now putting more weight on social media in their search algorithms. With such importance being placed on social media, it will no longer be an optional strategy for advisers who also want to be ranked highly by search engines.

Take a moment to read Kristen's article. It is great insight!