I had the privilege to present my ideas on B2H (Business to Human) at the 'Great HR Mutation' meeting at the ICT Spring 2016 conference.

Take a moment to watch my 14-minute talk at ICT:

The slides I used during the presentation:

I hope it will give you a few new things to think about. I've been 'chewing' on this idea for some time now and I feel that I am starting to figure out how to articulate it.

Here's what I took back from being there: I'm loving the way the HR people at the event were thinking about the future! 

It seems to me that they are asking the right questions about what lies ahead for the inevitable techno-human symbiosis. It looks like most of us agree that the way we value skills is getting turned upside down.

I got to present in alongside some amazing speakers. Some of them are working with space-related stuff! People that actually get paid to work on space travel, rockets, what to do with asteroids, etc! As a perma-geek, that totally floats my boat!

Anyway, enough ranting. I hope you can find 14 minutes to check out the talk :-)

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