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Question: 'What would you tell young people to specialize in?"

My answer:

  • Psychology
  • Communication skills

Given that everyone has certain natural skills which they will hopefully acknowledge and pursue, these 2 skills that can amplify the impact of your work.

One of the places where communication and psychology meet is copywriting. This is the art of writing for commercial action and results. There is very much to learn from this discipline because, at minimum, we all write titles all day long in the form of email subject lines.

I am sharing a great article from the KISSmetrics blog. I find it one of the most useful sites in the world for those who are interested in online marketing and communication. Today's article is titled: "8 Habits Of Conversion-Focused Copywriters" by Craig Anderson of Cooper Murphy, the copywriting and content marketing agency.

In this article, you will learn the one word that makes headlines convert, why you should go beyond your comfort zone, and other habits practiced by conversion-focused copywriters.

The highlights:

  • Timing it right - when to ask for action?
  • Using the magic word - 'Get'
  • Going beyond the comfort zone - You know you’ve done it correctly when you feel uncomfortable at the thought of someone reading your words and knowing you wrote them.
  • Arousing curiosity - Headlines that explains the what, without explaining the why or how.
  • Choosing the right verbs - How to strengthen the call to action with the rights use of verbs.
  • Understanding the audience - most people are NOT rational.
Take a few minutes to read the article

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