Would you like to know a few secrets about how to earn the confidence of the Asian affluent?

If so, let me introduce you to my friend Noor Quek. I recently met her when I was in Hong Kong and after a number of long, insightful conversations we thought it would be worth every soundbite to do a podcast with her.

As is always the case when I meet interesting people, it comes down to condensing a world of knowledge into an 'attention-span friendly' 20 minute interview.  But somehow I guess we managed to capture a lot of what makes Noor's world tick.

Noor is a very inspirational person. She knows Asia like the back of her hand and has a refreshing approach to managing the economic interests of her high net worth clients, most of them based in Asia.

Apart from all the financial expertise she acquired over an impressive 30 year career that ran through some of the world's most prestigious financial companies, she clearly understands that each family is a world of its own that needs dedicated solutions.

With Noor's it certainly goes beyond just words. In order to deliver on her vision, she created NQ International to provide the Asian affluent with personalized advisory services drawing from a global network of 'best in class' service providers.

So, take a 20 minute break to listen to the podcast to better understand how to work with Asian high net worth families, how to build a structure that truly adds value and what really matters when it comes to building trust. But more than anything, listen to the interview to get to know Noor a bit better because she is really 'one in a million' as a good friend of mine always likes to say when describing someone special!

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Baldwin White background web

About the author: Baldwin has been active as a business developer in the investment industry for more than 20 years. He is a partner at Silk Invest, a fund manager dedicated to the frontier markets. He was an early adapter of social media within the investment management industry. His efforts have helped position Silk Invest as one of the leading managers in the frontier space. In collaboration with Perfecta Partners, Baldwin also helps other financial services companies improve their content marketing and social media strategies.

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