Is your email inbox killing you? I came across a great post on Michael Hyatt's blog, a real treasure and 'must read'  for any professional.

In his post 'Yes you can stay on top of e-mail' he offers great advice on how to deal with a bulking inbox.

Here are some of the most salient points:

"...Taking control of your inbox means changing your behavior. You must be willing to make the investment."

"...people tend to associate responsiveness with competence. Therefore, becoming an email ninja is an essential survival skill."

"... empty the inbox every day, and apply the 'Do, Delegate, Defer, Delete, File" for each message you come across."

Take a couple of minutes to read this post, it is probably one of the best 2 minutes of advice you will get in a while....

Michael is also the author of one of my favorite books about building and expanding a powerful platform 'Platform, Get Noticed in a Noisy World'