Amy Cuddy tells us how we can influence how we feel about ourselves though our body language.

Amy is a social psychologist who is mostly interested in power dynamics, specifically the non-verbal expression of power and dominance.

She is an Associate Professor at Harvard Business School. We all know the cliche by now, the one that goes 'most of what we say is not with words'.

However, most of us live unaware of the 'vocabulary' of our bodies because very few people actively use the unsaid in a conscious way.

What I find especially interesting about this presentation is that Amy shows us how our own body language has an impact, not only on others, but also on ourselves. (minute 7:30).

In this presentation, there's a part about how we can quickly boost our confidence before we have to perform and make a great impression like giving a presentation, or interviewing for a job (min 13:20).

But one of the main takeaways is about how to 'fake it until you make it'. Amy tells a moving personal story about how she rose above feeling like an impostor to actually becoming the part  (min 15:40).

Take 20 minutes to watch this inspiring and entertaining talk. I hope you find this informative. Post a comment and let us know what you think.