It’s amazing how we can lose sight of what is important in business development. 
I made that mistake for a long time...

The problem was that I was seeding far more than I could harvest.
Always looking for new business opportunities but neglecting the work of seeing them through.
Regardless, all the ‘running around’ made me feel busy so I lived in the illusion that I must have been up to something right.
I still have boxes full of business cards - little trophies of restless networking.
Whoever I was working for saw lot’s of activity so everything seemed right.
Then came the performance review….
Uncomfortable conversations with lot’s of explaining...
And if I am fair to myself, most of the excuses I’d bring up simply weren’t valid...

‘The industry is going through a difficult period..’
‘Our competitors are also struggling...’
‘Our clients are cutting budgets...’
‘Our product is underperforming...’

Terrible excuses!
We get paid to do a job.
We either do it or move on.
That is how business works.

If there is an industry around you and your competitors are still in business, there must be a market for it.
Sure, budgets may get cut, but when businesses find a someone they can trust and believe in who has a solution to their problem, they will do the deal!
The key words here are ‘trust’ and ‘belief’.
They come as the result of a relationship.

Even trusted brands are all about relationships because they come as the result of many people raving about their experience with a business.
Brands are built one customer relationship at a time...

The only way you can build meaningful relationships is by committing to an ongoing dialogue with your prospects and customers.
The kind of relationships that yield business are those that are based on value - not essentially the monetary kind - but those that have added value at it’s foundation…

But you only get a chance of building a relationship by earning your prospect’s ongoing attention - in fact, today attention is worth more than it ever was because of all the distractions around us.
It means following up to keep supplying value.
It means getting smart about finding the people who have the challenges that you can help with.

We all know is that no matter how many opportunities we identify, a lot of work needs to be done before we can qualify prospects as potential clients.
Even more effort goes into following up in order to nudge them to cross the line.

Finding new leads is easy, the hard part is everything that happens between the origination and the closing of business.

In other words, for every opportunity we go after, it also means that we sign up for lots of work and the uncertainty that most of the effort may not result in anything...

But we roll with it. 
We accept that it is a numbers game. 
We believe that if we work hard, results will follow. 
But working hard is not the same as working smart!
Working smart is a about your ability to quickly qualify the right prospects.

It’s about making sure that every interaction you have with these prospects gets you closer to the close.
Get this right and the close will come naturally at the end of the process.
This is nothing new, it’s a page from the old sales textbook.
Smart means getting as much results with as little effort as possible.
Smart is about creativity and leverage.
It’s about weeding out uncertainty.

But, what if we could take the guessing out of the process?
What if we could always objectively figure out who the real prospects really are?What if we could do this with a minimum of effort?

There is a way…

A couple of years ago, I took all my mistakes and set out to build a method to correct them. It’s a system that I use myself and because it works, I want to share it with you.

That's why I put together a free webinar to tell you all about it:

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