The people at  put together a neat map of the dominant website by region (click on the image below to visit the site).

The main points:

  • Google dominates global online access
  • If you want to get serious about online business in Russia you will need to embrace Yandex
  • Chinese online traffic mostly comes to Baidu
  • The people in Cameroon and Japan still love Yahoo
  • Google owns 23 of the world's top 100 websites
  • Facebook rules in youthful nations with large populations such as Egypt, Nigeria and Indonesia (don't orget that Facebook played a big role in the Egyptian revolution)
  • Asia and Russia prefer homegrown websites for overall access (even in Japan Yahoo is a JV with local SoftBank)
  • There are enough internet users in Greenland for it to be on the map!


Another interesting resource for research into global online access is  This source will allow you to get a better understanding of which sites channel most online traffic for each country. Probably a good starting point for marketers looking to penetrate foreign markets.