Nathalie Nahai The Web Psych

In this podcast episode I speak to Nathalie Nahai, also known as "The Web Psychologist" who knows a whole lot about how human psychology relates to the web.

We speak about the how the financial industry needs to come out of the void and resonate more with psyche of the end user in this world of increasing digital closeness.

Here’s the thing: the madness about financial marketing is that it tries to appeal to reason while humans are clearly irrational in most of what they do, especially when it comes to investing!

If you work in finance or in the services industry in general, you will probably love this episode.

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During my never ending rummage for inspirational content and new ideas I came across Nathalie’s podcast’s which is called “the Good, the Bad and the Dirty”.

I knew I had found a treasure because I 'binge-listened' to the entire series :-)  Check it out by clicking on the image below...

The Good the Bad and the Dirty
The Good the Bad and the Dirty