Remember that movie 'The Hunger Games'?

I think that many corporates are going through a similar situation these days. Our fast-paced world and its increasingly competitive environment is putting pressure on professionals across most industries.

Corporates are struggling to keep ahead of the curve. And even though a handful are thriving, most companies have grown out of shape to compete in a world that just keeps on changing at shorter intervals.

And how could large organizations keep ahead of the pack when their consensus- and compromise driven cultures structurally inhibit their ability to innovate!? 

I guess we see the symptoms of this ailment when we see large corporations buying out smaller business that operate on the cutting edge of their industries. Essentially, they are purchasing innovation by doing this.

But even that trend is changing as an increasing number of challengers resist being acquired and opt to take on the world by themselves. The industrial revolution was all about scale, today's leaders are all about harnessing technology, where scalability comes naturally.

What this really implies is that the global job market is fundamentally changing. The businesses that will thrive will also be those that can access world class expertise. 

Then again, as a true expert, why would you settle for employment when you can offer your high-in-demand skills on your own terms?

There is no longer much value in being a generalist in a world where freelance specialists can easily be tapped thanks to technology.

What is even more important is that all this is happening in a world where there will be more opportunity than ever before.

The big question is: How will you stand out of the crowd as a true expert in what you do...?

You will have to re-think what it means to be a professional. Click here if you want to find out how...