I don't know about you, but until now I hadn't given much thought to the subject about ending meetings. I'm not referring to the final moments of the meeting itself, but rather what happens when you stand up and head for the way out.

waiting for elevator Some of the most clumsy conversations I have ever been in took place on the way out after a meeting. This is a situation worth getting under control because no matter how great your presentation was, it is during these eerie closing conversations that you risk sinking your entire effort!

Before I had read Ross McCammon's article 'The Best Way to End a Meeting", it had never occurred to me that ending meetings is yet another skill that the business development ninja needs to master!

Take a moment to read his original post, it has some great tips, as do his other articles about the little things that make a big difference in business. In fact, he seems to have a huge collection of practical tips...

Below is a short video related to the post. It taught me something and it made me laugh!


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