BB BW 2I started BD Insider is because I wanted to shine a light on the artists and the champions of business development. Amazing business development is like magic. It is the art of making new things happen by defying the rules of sales, marketing, communication and strategy.

Truly successful business development achievements are usually the result of doing things that have never been done before. It is the essence of challenging the status quo, all the time.

It is sometimes even about doing things together with entirely unrelated businesses. Like Equity Bank in Kenya that convinced a mobile operator to develop mobile banking and reach millions of new customers.

Or the people at Kickstarter who found a way to get around the financial establishment in order to provide the much-needed start-up capital to entrepreneurs by applying the power of social media.

How about the cliché of how Apple, a computer company, lured millions of new customers by seducing music lovers with the iPod?

These are only a few of many great examples of how good business development has no rules and no winning template. There isn't even a 'box to think inside of' and that is why a great business developer is worth everything to the business he applies his magic to.

Success in this line of work is about cultivating a mindset of challenging the status quo while finding the common ground with the establishment so they will go along with the 'crazy people from BD'.

It is not about the ideas - those are easy - but rather about the execution. A process is needed that helps find the right strategic partners and/or the functioning of a team of people who can put their 'super powers' to work to make the ideas happen. In turn, this process must be flexible enough to continuously adapt to the dazzling pace at which both technology and our society evolves.

There is so much  to learn...

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