Ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  1. Is your website all about your customer? 

  2. Do you know who is visiting your website?

  3. Do you have a system that makes sure you stay in touch with your visitors?


If you answered 'NO' to any of these questions, you need to take this workshop because you might be losing business every day!



Your website is one of your most important assets! 

Here's why: 

  • Before anyone even considers doing business with you, they will check out your website. This will happen 90% of the time...

  • Your website is where most people get their first impression about your business...

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression so don't spoil it!


This is why getting your website right is a top priority.
It is as important as having the right product or service!


Here’s what you will learn at this hands-on workshop:

  • Make a website that connects with your ideal customer. Learn how to send a more powerful message to attract the right prospects.

  • Turn your visitors into qualified prospects. Trigger an ongoing dialogue with your ideal prospects. 

  • Automatically keep in touch with all your prospects. A system to keep the dialogue going by adding value without having to be salesy.

  • Build lasting relationships with your prospects. By keeping in touch by adding value, you will convert more prospects into customers and/or referrals.


RESULT: More focus, more prospects, more sales, better customers... 


You do NOT need any technical website development skills.
This is a workshop specially designed for business owners.



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It worked for these people and it will work for you

"A class with Baldwin is like a breath of fresh air to our business. He helps you to get a valuable overview of the communication strategy, and the human factor of our project. Since we started the program, we have tripled our social network followers and won new customers!"

Elena Tamarit, Bright Expats Brussels


“Baldwin’s approach of building a website that is easy to understand gave us an opportunity to express ourselves with more clarity about our business and is helping us to attract the attention of more potential investors."

Frederic Goblet, Telesto Fund


A focused hands-on workshop

When you take the workshop, you’ll join me personally along with maximum 15 other students and you will learn how to turn your website into an opportunity-attracting sales machine.

A no-risk guarantee

I know this system works because I use it myself. In fact, I am so confident that it will change your business that I AM OFFERING YOU A NO-RISK GUARANTEE: If by the time we finish the workshop you feel that you did’t get any value, you will get all your money back. You have nothing to lose and very much to gain from attending this workshop.

Limited spots

To keep the workshop practical, there are only 10 spots so make sure to take action now.  And if you register quickly, you can get the early bird special offer! 


Workshop details

The Library Ambiorix, Square Ambiorix 10, 1000 Brussels on May 17, 2016.
The workshop will start at 17:30 and finish at 20:30

I look forward to seeing you at the Business Voodoo workshop!

With my best regards,

After an exciting career in the investment industry that took me all around the world, I just had to give in to the entrepreneurial forces within and set up my first consulting business in 2007. I also successfully launched a number of ventures with a focus on emerging markets. I am the founder of BD-Insider where we run live workshops and online training programs to help businesses and professionals position themselves so they can attract more business in this crowded, competitive and distracting world. 

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