Examples & case studies

Microsites for conversion

Dedicated websites as a more interactive alternative to the traditional brochure. 


The Telesto Fund

The Telesto Fund is a diversified portfolio of carefully risk adjusted investments. 

The main investment proposition is to provide affluent investors with an investment strategy that is normally only reserved to sophisticated high net-worth investors who can afford to have their own family office.

We created a microsite to make it easy for private investors to make a personal connection with Telesto’s investment team and easily request more information from the same place.

Baldwin’s approach of building a website that is easy to understand gave us more clarity on our business and is helping us to attract the right clients
— Frederic Goblet, Telesto Fund

Charismatic Capital

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.40.52.png

Charismatic Capital needed a dedicated site to assist them to get investors to meet with them during their European capital raising roadshow.

Because their investment proposition is built upon a complex asset class, they needed to simplify their proposition so private wealth managers could easily understand the concept and pass it on to their clients. 

I’m very satisfied with the professionalism of Baldwin on his promptness and eye for details on 2 marketing projects that he has done for me so far . He goes the extra mile to provide advise on certain aspects of the proposed content . The result has earned praise from potential investors who find our proposition intuitive and easy to understand.
— Lam Ching Ching - Managing Director at Charismatic Capital

Merging the Follow-Up with the learning curve

Earn trust, build thought leadership and convert prospects by merging the follow-up with the learning curve by systematically delivering educational content


Rocks International is an expert investment advisor focused on the diamonds industry.

With the objective of helping investors better understand the traditionally opaque world of diamonds, we created website with an 8-episode video series titled “Everything you always wanted to now about diamonds but were afraid to ask”.

In order to view the series, prospective investors need to sign up with their email to get a new episode in the series every week. This allowed Rocks International to stay top of mind with its prospects and increase the chances of converting them into clients.


“The work that Baldwin is doing with content driven inbound marketing is like a fresh breeze in the financial services industry. It is helping business and individuals position themselves to build deeper relationships and provide the products and services that truly matter in this increasingly connected and social world.” 
Nilofer Merchant – Fellow at The Martin Prosperity Institute on “New Power”


Simplify Complex Messages

Create more intuitive presentations that make clear first impressions.


The Frontera Syndicates presentation is a perfect example of a complicated message made easy to understand:

Frontera noticed that many private investors were struggling to understand the exact concept of investment syndicates. 

This presentation was effective in getting individual investors to quickly grasp the benefits of syndicate investing.


"Professional experience, ‘Know your product, know your market’ are only part of the story.. Essential complements are: A strong vision, the consistent and persistent implementation of a business development strategy, humility when succeeding and courage to stay when failing. It will take self-reliance, when analysing developments and flexibility in taking next steps to adapt to a changing environment and to improve. Finally, it is about being passionate about your business… Need a living proof? Meet Baldwin.” 
Ulrike Patig – Managing Partner at Moravia Capital AG