Successfully raising capital it all about building trust with investors and helping them convince their stakeholders

Raising capital is one of the most valuable skills anyone can master. Today it has become even more challenging because investors are increasingly distracted and overwhelmed by a rising amount of information and opportunity. 

The Investors Pitches Training will help you to more successfully attract investment capital by identifying the right investors, attract their attention and build a relationship of trust with them. 

Program Overview


Identify the right investors

  • How to build a system to research the market and tap into the right investor networks.
  • How to position yourself within the right networks to get the attention of investors.

The first impression

  • Mastering the initial outreach by successfully articulating your unique value proposition.
  • How to raise interest and ongoing attention with an attractive story.

Understanding the reality of the investor

  • Understanding what investors need to know and how to provide it to them.
  • The importance of mapping the investor's decision process.

Preparing successful investor meetings

  • How to gather intelligence and research key investor information.
  • How to manage time and meeting logistics.

The follow-up and conversion

  • How to keep investors engaged after the first presentation.
  • Crafting and using relevant content that adds value and builds trust.