"Every single course has given me not just food for thought, but practical, useful tips to expand my business. Truly indispensable."

Anne-Sofie van den Born Rehfeld, The Library Group


"A class with Baldwin is like a breath of fresh air to our business. He helps you to get a valuable overview of the communication strategy, and especially the importance of creativity and the human factor of our project. Since we started Business Voodoo, we have tripled our social network followers and won new customers!"

Elena Tamarit, Bright Expats Brussels

“Business Voodoo is a powerful and inspiring program. I can see this really benefiting many businesses.  It not only got me thinking on how I could improve things but also gives very concrete recommendations and tools to put this in practice and make it happen. ”

Gaëtan Vanreusel, Camario


“The work that Baldwin is doing with content driven inbound marketing is like a fresh breeze in the financial services industry. It is helping business and individuals position themselves to build deeper relationships and provide the products and services that truly matter in this increasingly connected and social world.” 

Nilofer Merchant – Fellow at The Martin Prosperity Institute on “New Power”


“In the business we are in, the quality of business development will be finally measured in successful fundraising. To be successful, gaining credibility and trustworthiness in front of investors helps. Professional experience, ‘Know your product, know your market’ are only part of the story.. Essential complements are: A strong vision, the consistent and persistent implementation of a business development strategy, humility when succeeding and courage to stay when failing. It will take self-reliance, when analysing developments and flexibility in taking next steps to adapt to a changing environment and to improve. Finally, it is about being passionate about your business… Need a living proof? Meet Baldwin.” 

Ulrike Patig – Managing Partner at Moravia Capital AG