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We all spend an increasing amount of our time online. It is where we get our information. This is no different for investors.

It also raises a few very important questions:

How easily can investors find you online?
And when they do, what do they see?

If they like what they see, how easily can follow you?

Investors search the internet for ideas and research. Can you help them?

Today’s technology makes it very easy to share information with others. Is your content worth sharing?

Investors spend most of their time in their email inbox. Are you welcome there?

All this connectivity makes the world a noisy, information-soaked and competitive place. How do you stand out of the crowd?

These are very important questions because the key to success in raising capital depends on your ability to be remarkable enough to attract and retain the attention of the right investors.

I can help you with that.

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My name is Baldwin Berges. I’ve been in the capital raising business for more than 20 years. I was an early adopter in using online technology to more effectively raise capital. I applied my experience in working with investors to develop strategies and methods to connect with large investor audiences all over the globe.

My approach is based on creating compelling content that attracts the attention of your target investors and applying simple technology to manage ongoing investor relationships and convert them into business.

I started my career trading fixed income, then moved into investment management covering all the asset classes ranging from fixed income to private equity. I have worked with investors across a wide variety of cultures all over the world. For more detail, please visit my LinkedIn Profile