A well executed content-driven online presence opens up your business to the entire world. It erases geographical boundaries and will do much of the prospecting for you.

‘Storify your experience’: Tell your story online to stand out in a crowded, competitive and diverse global marketplace and position your business in order to be discovered by your target customers.

Master ‘Business to Human’ (B2H) skills for an increasingly virtual marketplace. Technology shouldn’t get in the way of personal relationships, in fact it can bring us closer together. I can help you keep hundreds or even thousands of individual business relationships going.

Leverage simple technologies to attract more business and focus your time and effort on the customers that really matter. Technology let’s us become more efficient in bringing our best insights to a large number of prospects but it also allows us know who is paying attention to us. It takes the guessing out of marketing!

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Raising capital in a hyper-connected and distracting world is increasingly challenging! I can help you get more results by:

Attracting the ongoing attention of your target investors. Build a website that positions your story online so it can become an educational experience for prospective investors who are looking to make well researched investment decisions.

Building large networks that can help you access the right sources of capital. Most of the time investors are referred to you by others. Build and maintain a community around your business and make it easy for its members to share your content.

Crafting more impactful investor presentations. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! In a world of shrinking attention span you need to efficiently convey the right message and earn the ongoing attention of your prospective investors.

Building a follow-up sequence focused on converting attention into investment capital. Most business never gets done because we fail to follow up. This is why you need to build systems that make sure you keep in touch and stay top of mind by continuously adding value.

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Stop chasing investors, start attracting them. Capital Attraction is a method to be more effective at raising capital in a noisy, crowded, distracting and competitive world.

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Never miss a followup again! According to research, almost half of the sales people fail to follow up.  This is also the reason why less that 10% of professionals get more than 80% of the business.

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Having trouble finding the right journalists to contact? Take PressRush’s super actionable free 7-part email crash course on how to get journalists to cover your story. You will also get a 14 day free trial of PressRush without any obligations.

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I’m Baldwin Berges. I’ve been in business development and capital raising for more that 20 years. I was an early adopter of using online technology-driven strategies to attract business more effectively.

Baldwin BergesMy approach is always based on creating useful and compelling content to attract the ongoing attention of the target audience that will take you business to a higher level.

I also strongly believe that business is personal and that success fully depends on your ability to make real human connections. The big challenge and opportunity today is to figure out how to resonate on a personal level in a virtual world. I call this approach B2H (Business to Human).

Today’s technology is simple to use and it allows you to have close personal relationships with large numbers of supporters, investors and customers. It also makes it possible to drastically scale up your business development efforts. My work and devotion is to help individuals and businesses master these skills.

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Nilofer Merchant

“The work that Baldwin is doing with content driven inbound marketing is like a fresh breeze in the financial services industry. It is helping business and individuals position themselves to build deeper relationships and provide the products and services that truly matter in this increasingly connected and social world.” 

Nilofer Merchant – Fellow at The Martin Prosperity Institute on “New Power”

Ulrika Patig

“In the business we are in, the quality of business development will be finally measured in successful fundraising. To be successful, gaining credibility and trustworthiness in front of investors helps. Professional experience, ‘Know your product, know your market’ are only part of the story.. Essential complements are: A strong vision, the consistent and persistent implementation of a business development strategy, humility when succeeding and courage to stay when failing. It will take self-reliance, when analysing developments and flexibility in taking next steps to adapt to a changing environment and to improve. Finally, it is about being passionate about your business… Need a living proof? Meet Baldwin.” 

Ulrike Patig – Managing Partner at Moravia Capital AG

Lourens Van Niekerk

“Baldwin was the best international marketer of EM funds in the group at the time and recognised the African story when few others did at the time.” 

Lourens van Niekerk – Director at National Government of RSA