Succeed in Business
on Your Own Terms!

Do you have the potential to take your business to the next level, but need to find that 'magic formula'?

Do you want to be more confident when it comes to pricing, selling, communicating and convincing your clients?

Do you feel alone, overwhelmed and burned-out, but with no way to get off the treadmill that is your business?

Maybe you're thinking about taking the 'big leap' to set up your own business but you've been holding it off because you're worried about failing...


The truth is that setting up a successful and sustainable independent business is challenging!


Thankfully, there are people who have been through it all before and can provide you with the guidance you need to be successful...


Welcome to the Business Breakthrough Academy!

Meet Baldwin, Anne-Sofie and Gaetan. They all left the 'security' of employment to set up successful businesses of their own.

They've managed to create businesses they can be proud of but getting there wasn't always easy. They did many things right but they also made a bunch of mistakes.

The reality is that they couldn't have succeeded without all those valuable lessons they learned.  

The reason why they created the Business Breakthrough Academy is because they wish they had this kind of training when they first set out to become independent.

They all have a strong passion for learning and teaching and are very exited to work with you and share everything they have learned with you during this intensive 2-day workshop.


The Program

This is a practical online training program that will get you ready to build a business to succeed on your own terms.

The way it works is a set of recordings of short sessions hosted on a dedicated membership site to which you will have ongoing access. 

You will also get regular emails to guide you through the program.

You will also have access to regular live webinars where our expert instructors can work on the challenges with you in real time.


Here's an overview what you will learn during the program:


  • Today and tomorrow's business landscape - Understand the key drivers of change to leverage to get ahead in a rapidly changing world...
  • Identify your competitive advantage - Get clarity on the problem you are exceptional at solving. 
  • From idea to a business - How to create a strong value proposition from your idea, skills and your competitive advantage.
  • The Business plan - How to set up a viable business strategy. Identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities with next generation methods such as the 'Business Canvas' and 'Pimento Map'.
  • Access to finance - How to identify the right sources of capital and how to work with them. 
  • Execution - How to build a roadmap to make your business plan happen. Prioritisation, time management, productivity secrets
  • Running an independent business - Small business management essentials, financial management, administration best practices...
  • Get a winning mindset - How to to stay focused and motivated to build the foundation for continuous growth...


  • Marketing - How to brand and position your business in an increasingly crowded, noisy and competitive world. 
  • Pricing and packaging - How to figure out the right pricing and the packaging for your product or services.
  • Business development - How to attract the right prospects and convert them into clients, building follow up and conversion systems...
  • Sales meetings and presentations - Preparing for successful interactions with prospects, solution selling, overcoming rejection, integrity...
  • Build a business that people love - The essentials of turning your business into an unforgettable experience for your prospects and customers to establish a reputation that sells itself...

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After all, you really have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain


Is this only for people who are thinking of setting up a business? I already set up mine so I'm wondering if this is for me...

This program is both for those who want to make sure they get off to a great start, avoiding pitfalls and for those who have been in business but are either struggling to grow it or feel they want to have more control of their time and focus instead of working on the edge of burn out.


I'm not sure of this program is applicable to my specific business. How do I know I will take something tangible away from the course?

It really doesn't matter what kind business you have or weather you are offering a tangible product or service because in this workshop we will focus on you, the owner. We will help you build a mindset to take your business to the next level. We won't only cover technical tips, tricks and methods, but we will also be going deep into the human element of running a business. 


What happens after the program?

You will have access to an online resource with all the materials, insights and recordings of the sessions. You will also be invited to join a private group on Linkedin where can keep in touch to share ideas and help each other out. 


About the Instructors

Baldwin Berges
After an exciting career in the investment industry that took him all around the world, Baldwin just had to give in to the entrepreneurial forces within him and set up his first consulting business in 2007. He also successfully launched a number of ventures with a focus on emerging markets. He is also the founder of BD-Insider where he runs live workshops and online training programs to help businesses and professionals position themselves so they can attract more business in this crowded, competitive and distracting world. 

Anne-Sofie van den Born Rehfeld
After a successful career as public relations and communications specialist in the hospitality, luxury and lifestyle sector, Anne-Sofie set out to create the Library Group - a unique concept she likes to call an 'antidote to the blandness of office life'. Currently the group operates three remarkable office hotels in Brussels. Anne-Sofie has a natural talent for creating beautiful and stimulating environments for her customers and the members of her community. 

Gaetan Vanreusel
As a man with a passion for everything related to people, he has focused his career on executive search. In 2010 he left his employee status to set up Camario, a search consultancy specialised in finding talented human resources professionals. The company works today with a number of recognized companies across a wide variety of sectors. Last year Camario was nominated for the HR Excellence Awards. In less than 5 years, Gaetan went from starting alone in a highly competitive sector, to positioning the company among the most recognized Search firms within the HR community. He also has a refined view on the Freelance market and has provided individual supported to several senior HR professionals making the step as Independent Consultants and in starting their own business. 


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