Christiana Otto and her colleagues at Singularis Advisors seem to be on to something good because they organize investor meetings that actually work! Back in October, I attended their investor meetings in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and I was impressed, not only with how they run their events, but I also realised that there is a genuine passion that runs through everything they do.

Christiana Otto

Back in October, I decided to get my phone out and record an impromptu video interview on the spot. Now, we finally found some time to sit down and have a more in-depth conversation. It turned out to be not only very insightful but also quite entertaining

Christiana is refreshingly outspoken and, when it comes to capital raising, she works with the wisdom of longstanding experience. During the podcast we don't only talk about the investor meetings but we also cover a number of good thought provoking topics such as why asset managers don't know how to ask for the business and some of the counter-intuitive ideas that make the Singularis events so effective.

Stick in your headphones and take 35 minutes . I hope you will enjoy the conversation

Just for clear disclosure: BD-Insider is a project partner for the upcoming Barcelona Emerging and Private Equity Meetings, to find out more about the event visit the Singularis Advisors Website