Meyler Capital has refreshing views on how to communicate with investors. Kyle Dunn

In this podcast, I speak with Kyle Dunn, Meyler's CEO. Shortly after coming into the investment industry, he felt that the common 'old school'approach to marketing investments bordered the insane.

He believed that there was a better way to approach investors and that is what led him to set up a business that streamlines the marketing process by rethinking the way we approach capital raising.

Meyler's methodology is not only about making your investment proposition more intuitive for investors, it also is also about setting up a technological infrastructure that helps a marketer select the right prospects to focus on.

There is so much more to discuss, but instead of doing so in writing, I thought you may want to take some time to listen to the podcast below. It certainly makes for a very insightful interview with Kyle!

Also, visit Meyler Capital's website to see the videos and get a copy of Kyle's free ebook titled 'Fight Smarter'