I wanted to draw your attention to an interview I did with SpeakerHub in their 'Behind the Curtain' series.

I'm loving this recording because both Esther (the interviewer) and I were 'in the zone' - meaning, we recorded a discussion that I think may give you a few interesting things to think about. Here's an overview of what we cover:

  • Why the internet of the future will be much different than it is today and why it is coming much faster than you think.
  • How to easily disqualify your competitors by using technology to make deeper personal connections.
  • How companies with a traditional and costly business development approach will no longer be able to compete with those who master technology to get to their customers first.
  • How education has become the new business development super tool.
  • Simple tricks to make your content and your presentations more interesting.

We covered all that and much more in only 21 minutes, so I hope you will find the time to take a listen to what I think may be the best interview I have done in a while.

Oh, and while you are at it, make sure to also check out SpeakerHub. It's an upcoming place devoted to public speakers. If you have something to say or need a presenter, this is the place to be!

Just click on the image below to listen to the interview on SpeakerHub's website.


Can't see the image? Click here


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