I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of that video!

I regularly use it as a metaphor for what it means to misunderstand and fail to use the true power of the technology that connects us with the world.

By now almost every company has a website, but most businesses simply don't use it to it's real potential to attract more business. Most websites are like shop windows without an entrance.

There are more than 400 million Linkedin users but only a few thousand truly understand how to use it as a business development tool. It would seem that most people are on here just because it is what everybody else does. There is no purpose apart from having their CV online, just in case...

By the way, I think Linkedin's goal is eventually to have 3 billion users. Almost 10 times more than today. You will be connected to all the professionals in world. What are you going to do with that power?

We all have email. This is the same story: To have permission to send someone an email is a privilege - or rather, it should be treated as such. It is a direct connection with someone and it is fragile because it lives at the mercy of the delete button. Very few people work to strengthen that privilege in order to belong to that select category of emails that always get read. It requires a shift in perspective - one that shows email's true potential as a 'value delivery mechanism'.

Getting an 'unfair advantage' has never been easier. All it takes is a bit of effort and a willingness to acquire some fresh insights and a few simple skills. It's a bit like dancing, once you learn how to do it more properly, it becomes amazing..

If this resonates with you, I'd like to invite you to my free online mini-course called 'Business Voodoo'. It will give you an exciting perspective on all the powers you never knew you had...

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