Clearstream recently invited me to do a talk at their 13th Fund Summit in Luxembourg. I again picked up on my core theme: B2H - Business to Human.

So what is B2H all about?

Paradoxically, in a world dominated by technology, it is more important than ever before to master the art of making strong human connections.

Today we can think differently about how we position our business. We can connect with anyone, anywhere, on an individual level. We have gone full circle to a world where direct human relationships replace mass marketing. The ancient dynamics of individual trust and reputation are again in full play, only now there are no borders.

Today's relationships transcend geography and hierarchy. CEOs can now hear what their customers have to say, directly, without any filters or intermediaries. Politicians, if they care to listen, can hear what any citizen has to say, no matter where they stand in the crowd.

But not that long ago, there was no direct, global, real-time, ongoing global dialogue between businesses and their individual customers. The only way to reach an audience was to access our target audience through 2 main channels:

B2C - Business to Consumer
B2B - Business to Business


In this presentation, I present my idea that transcends our traditional B2B and B2C frameworks. It is all about how the B2H philosophy can help us build the kind of human relationships with our customers that will let us thrive in an increasingly noisy, distracting and competitive world.

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Our lives are now intertwined with technology. We have no choice but to learn how to make more meaningful human connections in a digital world!

The ability to make emotional connections in an increasingly virtual world is one of the most important skills to acquire if you want to stay ahead of the game. 

The B2H book will help you think ahead and build lasting relationships of trust with the right prospects and customers.