Here's a 20 minute video interview with my good friend, Ole Rollag, the founder of Murano systems. We spoke about how Murano streamlines the asset raising process for fund managers by understanding and keeping track of the needs of investors. This allows Murano to connect the right investors to the right funds and ensure that fund managers focus on the right investors. Bluntly put, Murano takes out the 'cold calling' from the prospective process.

What's in the interview?

  • After stepping out of large investment management organizations, Ole started Perfecta Partners, a consulting business that aims to tackle problems managers face to achieve business development objectives.
  • Murano was born out of the need for a solution to streamline the sales cycle for small and medium sized fund managers. They are out there by the thousands, and need to compete for the assets of a limited group of investors.
  • Just as with artists, small fund managers are mostly focused on their product and to a lesser extent on marketing so there is a need for a systematic business development solution.
  • During most of the interview, Ole tells us in more about how Murano operates.


 Click on the image below to go to Murano's website. It has a great introduction video that explains the entire concept in a matter of minutes. 

Murano process


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