I had the pleasure to interview Ville Laurikari, the creator of PressRush.com

Ville is in the business of making it super easy to get more visibility with the right people in the media.

Not only does he offer a system called PressRush, an online application that allows you to discover and connect with the right journalists, but he also goes out of way to teach us how to better understand how we can resonate and add value by sending useful, targeted and informed pitches.

What follows is a conversation with Ville about how we can get better at positioning our stories, understand how we can better connect with our audience and get a more meaningful exposure in the media by helping journalists do their job better.

This podcast is one not to miss, there are a bunch of real ‘nuggets’ to take away from this conversation so I hope you will take 30 minutes to pick up a treasure of insights about media positioning.

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The typical press outreach email is embarrassingly clumsy and this creates a great opportunity for you to really stand out from all the PR spam.

You will get a huge advantage on the competition with this super actionable and totally free 7-part email crash course. I’m a user of PressRush and I’ve taken Ville’s course and it’s so good that I decided to become an affiliate for the service!

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