I had a very insightful conversation with David Mark, the founder of Fundz about how he goes about connecting investors to opportunity though social networks. I think the best way to describe David is as a capital acquisition professional and a crowdfunding maven. He set up Fundz.co as a bridge between the traditional investor community and those startups and platforms looking to raise capital.

This podcast is certainly a must listen because we get into 'talking shop' about:

  • How to identify and approach investors on social platforms, especially on Linkedin and twitter
  • Tips and tricks on how to resonate with potential prospects on these platforms and the importance of great headlines and compelling content.
  • The challenges, opportunities and outlook for the crowdfunding industry, especially on how it can get more engagement from it's investor members.
  • How today's simple technology makes it very easy to build tight communities of like-minded investors.
  • How the traditional language of investing is giving way to the need for a more casual exchange with great storytelling as a key success factor for capital raising.

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How to connect with David:

via twitter: @dawdmark via the Fundz website