A few months ago, I set out to work on an idea I called 'Project Zero Inbox' - the concept was to find ideas and methods that can help us feel less overwhelmed and more in control of our time.

We all struggle with this because we live and work in a world where time and attention span have become as scarce as information has become abundant...

The reason why I set out to explore this topic was not only because I needed help with my ability to better focus my time, but I also noticed that many of the people who signed up for my online training programs simply fely they were too busy  to see them through - at least that is what most of the feedback was telling me.

By no means am I trying to position myself as the expert in this matter, but what I am trying to do here is share what I am learning with you in the hope that it might also help you get more on top of things.

The good thing is that for the past few months I feel that I have made good progress with some of the systems and approaches I have been trying out. I’ve been consuming a lot of material on the subject and trying out a number of tools and methods and I am going to start sharing them with you.

So if you are up for joining me on this expedition to winning back more time and focus, make sure to go to the Project Zero Inbox page and sign up for the list so I can keep you updated.

For now, I haven’t turned this into a product with a price tag yet, but I probably will be doing so in the near future.

So, if you are on the list when that happens, you’ll have the option of getting in early at a discount. You’ll also be getting  free ideas about becoming more focused and productive as well as winning more time for the things that really matter…

If this is something for you, then sign up here because you have much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

Thanks for your time and I until soon!