How do you get your colleagues to help you produce great content? Imagine this. You are all ready to go with an inbound marketing strategy driven by content. You have figured out what the main story theme is and how to make it interesting and useful for your target audience.

Your blog is in place and ready to display all those great stories. You have even built your outposts on a number of social media channels.

Then you realize that it is very difficult to get your colleagues to help with producing the content.

I hear this all the time. In fact, it is probably the main excuse for most companies to put their inbound marketing plans back on the shelf.

Now, this really is no excuse because there are many ways to produce relevant and compelling content without the help of colleagues, but it is always better to find ways to involve the people around you because you really want everyone to support and promote the inbound marketing effort.

The whole essence of inbound marketing is to bring your target audience closer to your organization, which is essentially all about its people. It is about making human connections, that is what we are all after.

I came across a great post by Chris Winfield of BlueGrass Interactive. I'm sharing it with you today because it provides great tips for getting colleagues involved in the content production process.

Take a few minutes to read the article by clicking here

About the author Baldwin has been active as a business developer in the investment industry for more than 20 years. He is a partner at Silk Invest, a fund manager dedicated to the frontier markets. He was an early adapter of social media within the investment management industry. His efforts have helped position Silk Invest as one of the leading managers in the frontier space. In collaboration with Perfecta Partners, Baldwin also helps other financial services companies improve their content marketing and social media strategies.