I had a great discussion with Diane Gaillard about how to work with the media in this hyper-connected and noisy world.

Diane is fully devoted to media relations and mostly focuses on cross-cultural communication.

In this podcast we discuss the role of the press release and how businesses can get their messages out effectively in today's global environment where information exists in abundance and has become a commodity.

Listen to the Podcast:

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Here are some of the key conversation points:

  • The traditional press releases increasingly winds up going straight into the journalists junk email folders.
  • Generic press communications don't go very far. Today's media expects more personalization toward specific target audiences.
  • Self-promotion must give way for more value. This is challenging for most businesses because they are stuck in the classic advertising mentality where attention needs to be monetized immediately.
  • Social media now has a key role in the media game. It is blurring the lines between B2B and B2C. In addition, journalists are avid professional users of social media. You simply have to be there to get their attention.
  • The format of media communications is changing fast. Sending out press releases as attachments is no longer appreciated by journalists because they expect richer formats such as infographics, images and even videos or podcasts.
  • Your information should be very  intuitive and easy to absorb, therefore the blog takes over from the traditional press release.
  • Different social media channels require different strategies adapted to each medium

In this episode we also discuss cross-cultural communication. Because we all now play on a global field, we need to consider a wide variety of cultural codes and how they determine  the shape of local media landscapes. We discussed some of these differences in this episode with a specific focus on Europe, Africa and the Middle East Russia and Asia.

Take a moment to listen to the podcast because there are great practical takeaways to put to work in your media efforts. I hope you enjoy it!

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