There are a few things I want to tell you about:

  • Finally coming out of my cave to take an office where I am surrounded with really cool people - now I'm wondering what took me so long!?
  • A workshop that didn't exactly go as was planned but turned out to be a much more powerful proposition.
  • How I managed to get overwhelmed by the remedy against overwhelm...

There is a video version in case you are bored of reading so much...


A new office with really cool people

So for the past couple of years, I spent most of my working day all by myself in my office in Brussels. The thing is that I kind of enjoy solitude, so when we decided to get rid of the office I shared with my dad (hardly anyone ever came by, not even my dad) I thought I would be perfectly all right working from the comfort of my home.

At first, it was great, but loneliness slowly creeps up on you. Everybody was trying to warn me about it, but I guess I'm the kind of person that needs to find this out for myself... The thing is that things were getting quite gloomy... like a slow sunset that puts you in the dark without realizing it...

Anyway, I am very lucky to have amazing friends who give me great advice and now I am feeling really great about working in the uplifting company of these people in a special, gorgeous co-working office called The Library in Brussels. If you are ever in town, do stop by. This is what offices were always meant to be like :-)

When things don't go the way they are supposed to but turn out to be far better

Yesterday, I launched a new workshop called 'Turn your website into a sales machine'. It's the culmination of the insights and experiments of the past 2 years about how to make deep human connections online with the right customers that bring you the kind business you really want.

So, going into the workshop, the intention was to not only make the breakthrough in getting our message right for the ideal customer and tell them a story that attracts their business, but we were also going to set up a website and configure an entire email marketing campaign...on the spot... in less than 3 hours!

What was I thinking (or smoking)!?

We got stuck in setting up the websites - silly me underestimated that part but to compensate, we did get into more depth that I thought we would about how to define our ideal customers, the messages to send them, and the story scripts to win the business of our ideal customers.

It just goes to say that there is nothing like testing prototypes, even in the business of professional training.
I think we now have a solid workshop and if you happen to be near Brussels, you should check it out on the workshop page.

How I got overwhelmed by the remedy against overwhelm!

I know, it's crazy ironic but in my effort to put together a program to help us get back on top of things, diving into the research was like slipping into a bazaar filled with tricks, ideas, tools and many other weird things. There is a lot out there. Lots of shiny objects, some valuable, other mostly wishy-washy.

What I am starting to understand is that this will probably not be an online course after all, but more like a longer expedition. If you care to join me on that, make sure to visit the Project Zero Inbox page and sign up for the list so I can keep you updated about the battle to win back our time and focus...

All right, I guess that is enough ranting for today...

Take care