Top Traders Unplugged

Do you Know Niels Kaastrup-Larsen? If you are into investments and/or asset management, Niels is someone you will want to become more familiar with! Apart from being a very experienced hedge fund manager, he also produces a podcast called “Top Traders Unplugged”. What makes this show so amazing is that Niels has in-depth personal conversations with some of the world’s best investors. He doesn’t only ‘talk shop’ about investing, but his conversations go much deeper.

Great investors have amazing minds and Niels has a way of shedding a light on how these pro’s think and all the things that drive them to perform so well.

I’m pretty much addicted to 'Top Traders Unplugged' because I believe that this podcast series provides investors with insights that simply wasn’t available before. How else could you get a couple of hours of intimate conversation with the best investors in the world? That is the true power of podcasts. I like to see them as a free ongoing MBA program...

I recorded a podcast with Niels and it turned out to be a fascinating conversation about what really makes investors tick. And yes, there are a few valuable 'aha moments'!

Listen to our conversation on the BD-insider Podcast: