An interview with ROLAND MEERDTER of Propinquity Advisors This is the first edition of BD-Insider Interviews, a new series  where we discuss great ideas for business development in the investment industry.

I really can't imagine a better way to kick it all off than by speaking with Roland Meerdter.

I believe he is one of the thought leaders in our industry. He is the founder and owner of Propinquity Advisors, a specialized strategblockbuster graphic consulting firm that focuses on assisting investment managers to strengthen and grow their businesses.

He used to work as one of the biggest fund allocators in the industry and today he helps managers with things like global distribution, investment platform and distribution capability optimization and guidance on meeting the demands of professional investors & improving the service model for addressing investors' needs.

That is what it says on his website, but what I know about Roland is that he has a very creative mind and is a few steps ahead along the journey that our industry is on.

I am not the only one who thinks this, so do some of the biggest investment outfits in the sector.

Here's what's in the interview: 

  • Our industry is changing fast, especially the way new generations will want to do work with investments (02:00)
  • Why Blockbuster funds go bust (6:10)
  • The '0H0 effect' - from zero to Hero back to zero (07:00)
  • The decline of the quality of assets under management and the 'auto-flow' of growth. (10:50)
  • The importance of a good 'deep dive' due diligence rather than performance chasing. (12:20)
  • Asset Managers should make sure they clearly understand who their investors, build a deep relationship and ensure that they are working with the right kind of investors. (15:00)
  • The importance of managing capacity and knowing when to close funds to new investors. (15:45)

Watch the interview

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