What is the best way to make complex concepts easier to understand ? Make them visual!

James Beveridge

This is something the people at Xpono Visual Finance understood very well. Don't take my word for it though. Rather, have a look at the video below because they really do what they preach!

Beware though, Finance will never look the same again when you've seen what these people can do!

I spoke with James Beveridge (pictured), one of the firm's founders about the transformative power of audiovisual content, not only in the way you communicate, but also the beneficial effects it has on the way you see your business.

Listen to the podcast:

Watch the video:



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About the author: Baldwin has been active as a business developer in the investment industry for more than 20 years. He is a partner at Silk Invest, a fund manager dedicated to the frontier markets. He was an early adapter of social media within the investment management industry. His efforts have helped position Silk Invest as one of the leading managers in the frontier space. In collaboration with Perfecta Partners, Baldwin also helps other financial services companies improve their content marketing and social media strategies.

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