This masterclass is part of the Business Voodoo Program -  a series of workshops where you can learn how to attract more business by making more meaningful human connections with simple technology.

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In the Business Voodoo program you will learn how to stay ahead of the pack by leveraging simple technology to:

    • Stand out in a crowded noisy global marketplace and stay top of mind with more prospects
    • Stop chasing business. Start attracting it instead
    • Tell stories that get the ongoing attention of your target customers
    • Become more efficient and focused on the prospects that matter
    • Create digital assets that do most of the selling for you
    • Build a large community of supporters around your business
    • Communicate your message more clearly
    • Make better presentations
    • Leverage social networks
    • And so much more...

    "Every single course has given me not just food for thought, but practical, useful tips to expand my business. Truly indispensable."

    Anne-Sofie van den Born Rehfeld, The Library Group


    "Baldwin is my secret business voodoo guru! Our website content as been transformed dramatically, thanks to Baldwin the site is much more personalised yet client focused."

    Kevin Scarlett, ScarletDesign


    "A class with Baldwin is like a breath of fresh air to our business. He helps you to get a valuable overview of the communication strategy, and especially the importance of creativity and the human factor of our project. Since we started Business Voodoo, we have tripled our social network followers and won new customers!"

    Elena Tamarit, Bright Expats Brussels


    “Business Voodoo is a powerful and inspiring program. I can see this really benefiting many businesses. It covers a variety of different topics. On one hand it is very accessible and easy to put in practise for small companies or freelance professionals but also for larger companies. It provides a clear perspective on how things are evolving and how we may position ourselves as a business. It not only got me thinking on how I could improve things but also gives very concrete recommendations and tools to put this in practice and make it happen. Many thanks Baldwin for your hard work in creating this program and in making this accessible.”

    Gaëtan Vanreusel, Camario