There was a time when sales people used to be reliable sources of information.

Today they can and should be the guides that help prospects along the buying process.

How does that work?

Because we are all trying to find our way around an ever-expanding labyrinth of information, there is good value in helping those who need to make decisions get clarity.

Information in itself is now a commodity, what really counts is what you do with it!

When you can't see clearly, It's better to be near the one who's holding the flashlight and here is no reason why that can't be you!

Plus, there is great technology out there to help you map out what lies along the path of your client's journey.

Best of all, it is easy to learn and use!

My personal favourite is Feedly. But if you want to keep it really simple, a few keywords in google alerts, delivered straight to your inbox can immediately put you in the business of supplying value added curation.

As always, it's never really about the tech, it's about what you do with it!

Regularly curate useful content and you will earn ongoing attention. This really matters because we live in an economy where a good audience is hard currency!

To get this right, you may need to adopt a few new habits. More specifically, here are a few ways to get started:

  • Think about what can you give to prospects and clients instead of what you can receive from them? It's that good old rule about giving before you get. Again, today's technology makes the giving part easy, efficient and even scalable.
  • Don't join associations and groups. Build one yourself. Preferably with a strong online presence so it can grow by itself.
  • Practice your writing skills and publish information about the things you are learning about. The best way to keep your body of work in one place to be discovered is by setting up your own blog. Consider it an online version of your bio, only far more interesting and dynamic. Take a look at mine as an example.

For clarity, this is all about you as an individual.

This is not a strategy note for companies. What we are talking about here is your thought leadership and your influential power as a person.

But isn't a personal blog, ...well 'personal'?

Have you noticed that people's individual websites are increasingly more compelling than those of large organisations? This is the writing on the wall that the world economy is going to be more about professional individuals than corporates.

This is inevitable because there are many more people in the world than there are corporate jobs. Technology may destroy 'jobs' but it also empowers individuals. Some people out there totally get that and already have a head start.

So, if you think about what you do for your clients as a journey upon which you are the guide, it also means that you will be more valuable to your clients than your competitors.

Think of it as playing on the same team as your client.

No matter how you look at it, if you are in sales, business development or whatever you like to call it, you get hired for your access to opportunities so all this is very good for your career!

Let me know what you think

Thanks for taking the time

Oh, and about the writing, you will never ever feel comfortable about what you publish. Even the best struggle with this. Setting up a Blog is also ridiculously easy so you really can't use either of those as an excuse not to get started :-)

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