You can’t do tomorrow’s work with yesterday’s skills and expect to be in business tomorrow

The world is evolving exponentially in line with technology. Disruption is happening everywhere. It is crucial to not only understand what lies ahead but also to know what questions to ask and the skills to acquire to stay ahead of the game.

The FutureProof training will provide you with the key insights you need to find the answers to these questions.



Program Overview

Understand the mega-trends that are already transforming the world we live and work in.

Navigate innovative and disruptive trends that will will affect you business and your career


  • GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY: What 3-4 billion new online voices and minds mean for our business.

  • BIG DATA: The end of guessing and how big data will redefine the meaning of 'intelligence'

  • VIRTUAL REALITY: How will you survive in dematerialised world?

  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Understand how smarter technology will influence the way you approach talent.


What you will learn during the workshop:


  • Understand the skill sets that will keep you competent
  • The mindset to building a culture of innovation and embracing forces of disruption
  • How to position yourself in a hyper-connected, multi-cultural world

Let's get started!