Hello and welcome!

My name is Baldwin Berges. I'm a Business Development Strategist. My job is to help you clarify and position your message so you can get noticed in a noisy and distracting world.

A great place to start is by getting your elevator pitch right!

Take a moment to watch this video because it will change the way you present yourself forever! 

When we decided, after more than 40 years in business, to embrace the modern tools and methods for communicating with our investors and prospective investors, I turned to Baldwin to help us storify our message and it has been a true joy to work with him. There are only few people who truly understand the financial world and the future of communication, and Baldwin is one of them. He remains my go-to guy when it comes to finding new and effective ways of combining technology with timeless and proven ways of communication
— Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, Managing Director, DUNN Capital (Europe)

Baldwin’s insights turned our thinking about our clients and how we best serve them completely upside down. It has enabled us to focus first and foremost on the inter-personal and human interactions rather than the tasks or services we offer them, thereby ensuring a more meaningful and genuine development of client relationships. Within 24h of our session with Baldwin, our team was busy putting all we had learned into practice!
— Liesbet Peeters, Managing Partner D. Capital Partners