Winning business is about adding value to prospects by becoming a part of their problem-solving effort.

Learn how to develop and build simple systems to stay top of mind with your prospects and win business by developing ongoing relationships of trust.

September 27
The Library Ixelles

October 4
The Library Ambiorix

October 11
The Library Europe



The world is evolving exponentially. Technology is constantly disrupting the way we live and work.

This is a practical session that will help you ask the right questions and understand the skills you need to stay ahead of the game in a world of exponential change.

October 18
The Library Ixelles

October 25
The Library Ambiorix

November 3
The Library Europe


It is difficult to stand out in a noisy, distracting world, but when you tell a good story, people pay attention!

Learn the secrets of storytelling to present your business in a more compelling and intuitive way to keep the ongoing attention of your audience.

November 8
The Library Ixelles

November 15
The Library Ambiorix

November 22
The Library Europe

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