We are all wired for stories. It is how we have always shared information. When you tell a good story, people pay attention!

In this crowded and distracting world, it is increasingly difficult to get heard. That is why it is important to get the attention of your target audience by telling a story that they want to listen to.

Storify Your Business will help you learn the secrets of storytelling and present your business in a more compelling and intuitive way and allow you to keep the ongoing attention of your audience.

Program Overview

Know your audience

  • How to identify and understand your ideal customer's world.

What makes great stories

  • Learn the formulas and formats that great storytellers use.
  • Script writing secrets.

Communicate clearly

  • Learn how to use metaphors and parables to make things easy to understand.
  • How to avoid the curse of knowledge.

Story format

  • Understand how the leverage the different formats such as writing, audio, video and other media.
  • How to keep your audience's attention over time.

Presentation secrets

  • Learn how to use story telling for your presentations.
  • How to make great and memorable first impressions

Let's get started!