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You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Stop mumbling

You’ve certainly experienced this before. 
What I’m about to describe may even remind you a bit about yourself. 
It happens to most of us. I certainly struggle with it!

Imagine you are at a networking event. During a conversation, you ask the other person about what they do and when they respond, they stumble all over the effort of trying to explain it to you. 

Many people go off on rants because they don’t really know where to start. They may start throwing a bunch of jargon and buzzwords at you, regardless if you are familiar with their industry or not. Some will start by saying something like “It’s complicated...” Others will just mention their title and say little more. 

There’s a world of messiness when it comes to elevator pitches. Regardless of what goes down, to the person who is listening, it often sounds like mumbling.

How great would it be to always have a clear answer that anyone, yes, ANYONE could immediately understand what you do?

And what if you could not only explain what you do in a matter of seconds, but also trigger a feeling of fascination and the desire to know more?

That is what we going to get into in this series. We are going to get clear about our business message and tell stories that earn attention.

Why it matters to get your story right

Consider your elevator pitch as the movie trailer for you business. Movie trailers are engineered to make you feel like you need to take the time and make the effort to watch a movie or spend valuable time watching a TV series. 

Winning business is all about clarifying your message.  In a matter of seconds people need to know what to expect and why it deserves their attention. It needs to raise anticipation for what follows and the desire to experience it. Fuzzy messages get flaky responses!

The thing is that you can’t have a great trailer without an awesome story.

When you hint at a great story, people pay attention because they can’t resist finding out what happens next. It’s about creating an ongoing tension of anticipation.

Take a moment time to think about your message and what your ‘trailer’ should be like.

For now I will leave you with that thought. 

I’ll be back soon with more. 

We are going to discover how to craft messages that will keep your target audience spellbound. How exciting is that!?

Stay tuned…