The art of winning business is all about adding value to prospects by becoming a vital part of their problem-solving effort.

Research shows that only a minority of business developers win most of the business. The reason for this is very simple: they have a system that works and they stick to it.

The Systematic Business Development Training will help you develop and build simple systems to stay top of mind with your prospects and win business by developing ongoing relationships of trust.

Program Overview

Focus on the right prospect

  • Identify your ideal client.
  • Get a deep understanding of their most important needs for which we have the right solution. 

Connect with the ideal client

  • Define a precise strategy and a repeatable system to help us target the ideal client. 
  • Objectively identify the best prospects and avoid wasting time with those who won't do business with you.

Develop an ongoing engagement plan

  • Set up a process that ensures we provide value to our prospects, stay top of mind and earn their trust.
  • Map out the prospects journey and FAQs.

Effective follow-ups

  • Build a simple system that makes sure you always automatically follow up with every single prospect.
  • Provide each client with value added content to stay 'top of mind'.

Get more business done

  • Create a process to identify a smart universe of the most engaged prospects.
  • Develop a repeatable sequence to convert the most engaged prospects into clients.

Let's get started!